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Theban helmet, 430 BCE. Special thanks to for permission to use this image.

Thucydides: The Jowett Translation
Includes Jowett's footnotes and red section links to the Perseus Project.

Letter on Thucydides' Style
By Dionysius of Halicarnassus, translated by W. Rhys Roberts.

R.C. Jebb's Tables of Speeches in Thucydides
With links to translations of the speeches by Jowett.

Gilbert Murray on Thucydides
Gilbert Murray's essay on Thucydides from A History of Ancient Greek Literature.

The Plague
Jowett compares the plague of Thucydides with other accounts of great plagues in history.

Special thanks to the good people at for graciously permitting images of their ancient art and replicas of armor and weapons to appear in our Thucydides pages.

The tiled background image comes from the the Architectural Ornament collection created by the Architectural Engineering Graduate Students Association of The Pennsylvania State University.